180+course pack: Access to BPP Full Online Product Catalogue

A license to BPP’s full online catalogue provides you with full access for 12 months (from the date of purchase) to a full range of high quality, up to date online CPD learning. 

So What Is Included In This License?

  • Access to over 180 online CPD courses - that's over 180 hours of high quality learning (each online course consists of a high quality video and knowledge check)
  • Any new online CPD courses developed are added to your online account when available (we typically produce 30-40 new online courses each year)
  • Mobile learning – you can learn on the go
  • Flexibility – you can access your learning wherever you are, whenever you want
  • Please note: this catalogue does not include the Skillsboosters range

View a demo of one of our online courses by clicking on the video below (6 minutes long). The full version of each online course when purchased ranges from 50 - 80 minutes and when completed with a knowledge check can achieve 1 to 1.5 CPD hours of learning, which you can use towards your professional development.

CPD Points: 180+

CPD Duration (hours): 180+

Access: 12 months from purchase date

Price: £495.00 (excludes VAT)