20 course pack: Strategic Accounting Essentials

Overview: Enhance your profile by applying practical and strategic business principles.

This pack includes: an understanding of how to enhance streams of income and reduce costs, the importance of brands in the valuation of companies, streamlining processes and up-to-date IFRS standards.

Financial management

  • Supply chain management
  • Investment appraisal
  • Profits vs. cash
  • Raising business finance
  • Working capital management
  • Emerging accounting issues
  • Lean finance
  • Budgeting for beginners
  • Building powerful value propositions
  • Winning business cases


  • Brand valuation
  • Financial instruments
  • IAS 1 presentation
  • IAS 7 – statement of cash flows
  • IFRS 8 - Accounting policies, changes in accounting estimates and errors

Business Essentials

  • Assertiveness
  • Feedback that works
  • Dealing with change
  • Effective business writing skills
  • Time management for professionals

CPD Points: 22.5

CPD Duration (hours): 22.5

Access: 12 months from purchase date

Price: £299.00 (excludes VAT)