Bitcoin & Blockchain Technologies


A new world of cryptocurrency is seeing exponential growth causing a turn in the economy as well as presenting new challenges in the way we do business. While there are around 1600 types of cryptocurrencies available over the internet, it is Bitcoin that has experienced the most fierce value fluctuation of all.

Meanwhile, an accidental discovery has led to much hype around the formations of a decentralised digital ledger, a new and exciting technology that we now call Blockchain.

This has sparked a global debate as to whether this new way of recording transactions could be the solution we have been searching for, in bridging the gap with data protection, digital security and authentication. Many organisations and research facilities already have a taste for the types of answers to digital problems that this new technology could bring.

On completion of this course, you will have a greater understanding of:

• Introduction to the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies

  • How Bitcoin is impacting the finance world and affecting the way we do business
  • The Bitcoin bubble vs other cryptocurrencies
  • Is Bitcoin or Ethereum the next big thing?

• Blockchain technology

  • What is Blockchain and why the hype?
  • How it works and how it could completely alter how we perform transactions
  • Familiarity with Smart Contracts

• Use cases in the real world

  • Examples of how Blockchain is changing our world
  • Impact on computing power; electricity; security; authentication

• Updates around the globe

  • Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain in the news
  • What world leaders are saying and what the big players are doing

• Bonus section

  • The world of cryptomining
  • New cryptocurrencies and their prospects
  • Tips on available resources


Authored by: Pratish Sharma

With 20 years of experience in building information systems for businesses, Pratish Sharma helps organisations around Europe to improve their technical skills and streamline data processes. He also presents courses on a variety of technical subjects based on industry trends. This includes helping people to save time and resource in analysing large volumes of data and translate their findings into flexible dashboard solutions that anyone can use to gain data insight.

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CPD Duration (hours): 1

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