Dealing with conduct issues in the workplace: A manager’s guide


Managers in all types of organisations will find themselves dealing with ‘misconduct’ issues in the workplace at various stages of their career, often on a regular basis. The types of ‘misconduct’ can range from unauthorised absence from work, excessive personal use of the telephone or internet, using obscene or offensive language in the workplace, complaints by clients, customers or colleagues about the employee’s conduct, to breach of certain terms of the contract, violence at work, harassment and theft or fraud.

The law surrounding ‘unfair dismissal’ impacts substantially on the way in which managers, who have responsibility for ‘employees’, are able to manage conduct issues and run any business or organisation effectively.

Learning outcomes:

On completion of this course, you will have a greater understanding of:

The key legal and practical issues surrounding misconduct in the workplace.

We will be looking at:

  • The legal principles governing misconduct in the workplace, including the two-stage tribunal test
  • Key considerations applicable to ‘conduct’ procedures
  • How to deal with particular common ‘conduct’ scenarios
  • The usual pre-conditions for the right to claim unfair dismissal
  • Remedies for unfair dismissal
  • Settlement of a potential ‘conduct’ dispute
  • How to improve conduct in the workplace, get the best from your employees and take action to avoid unfair dismissal claims, including disciplinary rules and procedures

Authored By Nicola Howe

Nicola Howe has practised employment law with large commercial firms for nearly 20 years. She regularly writes and presents courses on a wide variety of employment law topics. She is a member of the Law Society and the Employment Lawyers Association.

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