Employment status (ICAS)


The employment status of an individual is important to identify correctly, as it is this which dictates their employment entitlements. For example, it is only employees who qualify for the right not to be unfairly dismissed, or a redundancy payment.The area is complicated as the tests are not clear cut, and the different categories of employment status can overlap. Employment tribunal decisions in this area are highly fact sensitive. This course sets out the fundamental principles from which the factual analysis can be conducted.

Learning Outcomes:

On completion of this course, you will have a greater understanding of:

  • the different categories of employment status and why this matters
  • the three elements required for a person to qualify as an employee and the four stages a tribunal will go through to identify whether there is a contract of employment
  • the three elements required for a person to qualify as a worker
  • the fact that the tests in these areas are not clear cut and that each case should be examined on its own facts
  • the fact that some of the categories overlap and it is possible for an individual to be classified into more than one employment status.

Authored by: Karen Teago

Karen Teago practised employment law in regional commercial firms from 2001 to 2010. Since leaving private practice she has prepared and presented numerous lectures, courses and webinars on a variety of employment law topics. She is a Director of an HR Consultancy in Northamptonshire and was admitted to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development in 2015.

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