Forensic Accounting Civil Programme


The Civil Programme is compulsory for barristers, either during pupillage or within the first 3 years of practice. The programme is a blended programme made up of pre-recorded videos and online live sessions (as well as some reading, case studies and knowledge checkers), access to the programme will be available for 12 months from date of purchase and no extensions are available. If the programme is not completed within 12 months this has to be repurchased.

You will start the programme by working through a series of short activities ahead of attending the first online live session (there will be two online live sessions built into the programme; the first of which focuses on generic matters that apply to all barristers, while the second live session will be tailored towards areas impacting a civil barrister).

Attendance at the live sessions and completion of several short knowledge based tests is mandatory in order to complete the programme. Please ensure you book a live session date that occurs within your access period. If access has expired you will not be able to join the live session.

The live sessions will be broadcast at regular intervals throughout the year to offer maximum flexibility, typically in the evening to avoid interference with a barrister’s working life.

Your Programme Handbook will advise you on the best time to join these online live sessions; details of how to book the live session will be contained within the confirmation email sent when enrolling onto the programme.

Please ensure you leave sufficient time to complete the Forensic Accounting Course, whilst it is an online module delegate numbers are capped and courses are not always available each month.

This course is not CPD accredited and the hours do not count towards NPP CPD hours


This online programme will provide new practitioners with practical guidance in the use of financial information and accounts both corporate and individual. The world of forensic accounting will be explored by an experienced forensic accountant (who is also a practising barrister) giving amongst other things, tools to analyse financial statements and ideas and tips to help cross examine an accounting expert. The second half of the programme will be slanted towards the type of work undertaken by civil barristers.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this programme delegates should:

  • Know what financial and accounting documents are relevant for the purpose of litigation
  • Be more confident in dealing with financial and accounting information in cases
  • Be able to analyse financial statements to assist with cases, having gained a basic understanding of standard accounting systems, both documentary and computerised
  • Know how to identify and deal with accounting information that has been manipulated and distorted
  • Be able to communicate more effectively with accountants and experts on matters involving financial claims
  • Be better able to cross examine accounting experts

Topics covered on this programme include:

  • Understanding the accounting profession
  • Financial reporting principles
  • Key financial statements
  • Difference between profit and cash
  • Subjective areas in preparing a set of accounts (areas of possible manipulation)
  • The forensic accountant: who? what? why?
  • Cross examination of the expert accountant
  • Forensic analysis of accounts (tools and manipulation)
  • Company and share valuations
  • Security for costs
  • Claims (personal injury and insurance)
  • Case studies
Price: £348.00 (excludes VAT)