Finance Fundamentals 2 - Introduction to Analysis of Accounts 18/07/2018 - Hybrid Delivery

This course is a hybrid live classroom course delivered via online classroom live, allowing delegates to interact with expert presenters and partake in the classroom discussions from either a computer or mobile device. 

How is it delivered?

We will have a group of delegates attend a course as usual. In the room there will be a webcam pointed at the presenter only and a microphone picking up the audio. There will also be a small number of online people watching the broadcast in real time. Questions from the online people will come into the physical room via speakers and questions from the room will be picked up by the microphone in the room. So both audiences can contribute to the discussion making it a richer learner experience.

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* Please note that each session has 15 minutes of non teaching time included, this is to ensure we have time to help you get set up ahead of your learning  
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This course will benefit all lawyers - whatever their field and number of years PQE - who may have to analyse and interpret accounting information whether in relation to client activity or who want to feel more confident in analysing their own practice’s financial performance and risk. It will also explore some of the more judgemental areas within a set of accounts and alert delegates to common pitfalls.

This course assumes that you are already comfortable with the key concepts covered in Finance Fundamentals 1 and accordingly we highly recommended that you go on that course before attending this course.

Course overview

Often those working closely with finance professionals feel exposed and not confident in discussing matters of accounting. Building on the skills developed in Finance Fundamentals 1, this course introduces analysis and interpretation of a set of accounts. This will include using a number of basic ratios to analyse and interpret sets of accounts. It will also look at the potential pitfalls in using incomparable information and the implications of accounts being prepared using different accounting policies.

The course is highly practical with several case studies and exercises to bring the theory to life.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand how to analyse and interpret a set of accounts
  • Appreciate the subjective nature of a set of accounts and be able to explore some of the judgemental areas
  • Use key ratios to help with analysis
  • Understand the principles of covenant strength
  • Recognise indicators of company distress
  • Understand some of the potential limitations of financial analysis
  • Appreciate that there are different accounting regulations that affect companies depending on their size and whether they are listed or not



6 hours

Duration of access:

You will have access to the programme for 6 months from date of of the first live session (this includes recordings, learning materials, certificate of completion and other programme information). 

"A CPD certificate of completion will be provided by BPP Professional Education Limited upon request, following attendance."

25 seats available.
Price: £497.00 (excludes VAT)