Managing external risks and liabilities - accounting for natural capital


A new kind of global debt crisis is brewing - this time, due to decades of over-borrowing from our planet's 'natural capital' asset base. Natural capital, the resources and critical support services nature provides, underpins our entire global economy. However, over 60 percent of this capital is in decline from overexploitation. The World Economic Forum and McKinsey identify water crises, climate change, extreme weather events, biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse as urgent global natural capital risk factors for business and investors. As a result, there is a growing business case to account for natural capital in management accounting and financial accounting/reporting to inform assessment of risk and opportunities. This course provides a practical introduction to this emerging topic.

Learning Outcomes:

On completion of this course, you will have a greater understanding of:

  • What Natural Capital is and why it's relevant to accounting and financial professionals
  • The business case for integrating natural capital in management accounting and financial accounting/reporting to inform assessment of risk and opportunities
  • The wider context framing natural capital such as Integrated Reporting and value creation business models
  • Sustainability accounting and valuation techniques with practical business case examples
  • Additional resources to explore the topic further in your own time.

Authored by: Dr. Dorothy Maxwell

Dr. Dorothy Maxwell has worked in sustainability with businesses, government, and NGOs in the EU, Asia Pacific, and US for over 20 years. Trained as an environmental economist and scientist, she is Founding Director of The Sustainable Business Group consultancy whose clients include Walmart, Nike, Natural Capital Coalition, and the UK Department of the Environment. She is author of Valuing Natural Capital, Future Proofing Business and Finance (DoSustainability, April, 2015). The book is a practical 'how to' guide on natural capital for business, accounting and finance. It is included at a discounted rate in the course material.

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